APS Organization Chart

The Advanced Photon Source (APS) organization comprises three divisions and one project office.
Advanced Photon Source Organization
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  • Accelerator Systems Division (ASD)  

    ASD provides engineering and physics support for the APS, and pursues research and development profitable to the science of accelerators and future light source technologies.

  • APS Engineering Support Division (AES)  

    AES provides the engineering, mechanical, and facility services and computing infrastructure to enable the world-class performance of the APS and ensure a safe environment for APS users and personnel.

  • X-ray Science Division (XSD)  

    XSD enables world-class research using x-rays by developing cutting edge x-ray instrumentation and techniques; pursues research in the physical, chemical, environmental, and materials sciences; and operates 36 beamlines at the APS.

  • APS Upgrade Project (APS-U)  

    The APS-U will increase the brightness of the APS high-energy (hard) x-ray beams, equipping researchers for the groundbreaking discoveries and transformational innovations that create new products and industries and generate jobs.