Advanced Photon Source

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Beamline Safety Design Review Steering Committee


The Beamline Safety Design Review Steering Committee (BSDRSC) oversees the review of all safety aspects related to beamline and critical component design, regardless of who generated the design, and includes facility operational issues when reviewing non-APS generated designs.


Members appointed by the APS Division Directors will be comprised of a pre-selected standing committee with membership chosen by function.The following functions will be included:

  • AES User Technical Interface (Committee Chair)
  • AES Technical Operations Specialist
  • APS Electrical / Electronics Technical Representative
  • AES QA Engineering Specialist
  • APS Radiation Safety Shielding Committee Chair
  • AES Mechanical Technical Panel Chair
  • AES Safety Interlocks Group Leader
  • AES Survey & Alignment Technical Representative
  • XSD Representative
  • AES Critical Components System Manager
  • AES Conventional Construction Technical Representative

Current members of the BSDRSC committee:

Member Division Role
J. Cross AES User Technical Interface & BSDRSC Chair
S. Davey AES AES Technical Operations Specialist & SCDR Chair
E. Chang AES Quality Assurance
P. Fernandez AES APS Radiation Safety Shielding Committee Chair
J. Penicka AES Survey & Alignment
L. Morrison AES Mechanical Operations and Maintenance
P. Den Hartog AES Mechanical Engineering and Design
R. Rosenberg XSD XSD Representative
G. Markovich AES Safety Interlocks
M. Ramanathan AES Critical Components System Manager
J. Sidarous AES Conventional Facilities
G. Doktorczyk AES Electrical Engineering
A. Stevens AES Construction Oversight
P. Pedergnana PSC PSC/UES

The BSDRSC will organize the review using standing APS safety committees including the APS Safety Committee for Design Reviews and the APS Radiation Safety Shielding Committee. The design review technical panels may be enlisted to answer questions related to safety as brought forth by the safety committee reviews.

The BSDRSC will:

  • Evaluate the design submission and arrange for Project Coordinator presentations as required;
  • Determine whether any technical reviews of the design have been performed and, if so, obtain copies of the report(s);
  • For critical components, require that a safety / shielding report be prepared by the APS Radiation Safety Shielding Committee;
  • Assure that all safety aspects of the project are reviewed and request reviews by the appropriate safety committees;
  • For limited scope reviews the steering committee may carry out the review. Participation can be limited to only those members required for an adequate review;
  • Request the appropriate technical panels to review the design if additional technical input is needed to assess a safety issue that was not reviewed during a previous Division Director design review;
  • Assure that the depth of the review is commensurate with the complexity of the design;
  • Combine the outcome of each panel and committee and reconcile any differences;
  • Provide advisory report to the APS ALD, Division Directors and group Leaders (as appropriate);
  • Ensure that committee reports are made available in the APS document management system (ICMS).
Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be triggered at the request of APS Divisional Management review specific projects, or at the discretion of the panel chair.