Advanced Photon Source

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PSC Committee for Hires and Promotions (CHP)


The objective of the Committee is to help maintain the highest caliber of scientific and technical staff and to help ensure equitability of hires and promotions across the organization and across disciplines. The Committee is an advisory group that reports to the PSC Associate Laboratory Director.

The Guideline for the Photon Sciences (PSC) Committee for Hires and Promotions (CHP) supplements the Argonne Human Resources’ R&D Career Framework and provides PSC-specific guidance for preparing and reviewing cases for R&D hires and promotions (APS_1706400).

CHP Members
AESAndrew Johnson and Ben Stillwell
APS-UTom Fornek
ASDDoug Horan and Yury Ivanyushenkov
XSDKarena Chapman and Nino Miceli
ChairSteve Davey