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The goal of this seminar is to encourage interaction between groups, act as an open forum to share ideas, achievements, and results, promote collaboration, communicate what APS personnel are doing and to educate people. Talks can be projects, tasks, ideas, etc. that are new, unfinished, ongoing as well as fully developed. This seminar is very informal and does not require a fully formatted presentation.

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Next Seminar:  Tuesday, May 2 2017 @ 11:00 am, Conf. Rm. B2100

TITLE: Undulator manufacturing for the European XFEL

SPEAKER:  Suren Karabekyan, European XFEL GmbH

ABSTRACT:  The European XFEL is a Hard X-ray Free Electron Laser light source, which starts operation in spring 2017. Three undulator systems - SASE 1, SASE 2 and SASE 3 - will be used to produce photon beams. For operation of all undulator systems, in total 91 undulators have been produced, tested and commissioned. SASE 1 and SASE 3 undulator systems, consisting of a total of 56 undulator cells, have been installed in the tunnel and are ready for operation. SASE 2 will be installed in the middle of 2017. These are longest undulator systems worldwide: SASE 1 and SASE 2 are 2x213.5 m; SASE3 is 128.1 m long. The total magnetic length of all undulators is 455 m. This talk describes the whole process of production, assembly, adjustment and commissioning of the undulators and reports about the experience gained over the entire duration of undulator systems commissioning.

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