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Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition

Welcome to the Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition (BCDA) group Web pages. The BCDA group is part of the X-ray Science Division (XSD). The purpose of this group is described in the Mission and Strategy statements.  The BCDA web pages continue to evolve as we have time to add content and receive feedback. If you have any suggestions please email Pete Jemian

Strategy Statement for Beam line Controls

The BCDA group recognizes its most important role is to make beam line instrumentation work for scientists, so the scientists can focus on the delivery of scientific instruments and user science.  The full text of the 2016 BCDA Controls Strategy Document is available online.

Mission Statement

The BCDA group Mission Statement guides the group philosophies, objectives, goals, and decisions, as well as shapes the group strategy.

To develop software and electronic hardware for synchrotron radiation beam lines that serves the common needs of APS researchers, and to implement that software for the APS beam lines. Our commitment, to maximize the measurement efficiency of the beam lines we serve, shapes the culture and character of our group and how we behave and make decisions. Through collaboration with APS researchers, we design, develop, deploy, and maintain control system software and hardware that capture and create economies of scale and keep the APS at the forefront of science.


This memo  (PDF iconResponsibilities for support of beam line controls, data acquisition and data analysis) describes the activities and areas of responsibility for the various groups that support the X-ray beam lines.

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