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BCDA hardware

Hardware Catalog

The APS hardware Catalog is a searchable database of all types of control hardware in use the APS. It has been generated by the ASD controls group and the BCDA group. It is intended to help APS users particularly those using the synApps package, to find recommended parts for new projects and to help find information on currently used parts.

Recommendations refer to parts supported by the BCDA group. If a part is not in the catalog it does not mean that EPICS support does not exist or imply that a part is not fit for use. To see if a part has EPICS support, consult the EPICS web site.

This is a beta version of the catalog. It contains many parts but there will be omissions and inconsistencies. If you come across problems please help us out by reporting them to Joe Sullivan. The catalog is, and because of it's scope probably always will be, a work in progress.

The more used and useful items may have documentation available on-line that can be accessed via the catalog. Again, the documentation is a work in progress.

  • Feature sheets tell you what the part is and what it does.
  • Quick reference manuals are intended to show the important information on the part, such as commonly used jumper settings.
  • Engineering documentation is more detailed and may typically be the manufacturers manual.
Hardware Information

The following links refer to APS motion control standards, recommended (supported) hardware, and BCDA Custom Hardware.