Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Related Meetings

  • APS Upgrade: XSD Scientific Software Workshop
    Coordinators: Kenneth Evans, Jr., Francesco De Carlo, Pete Jemian, Jonathan Lang, Ulrich Lienert, John Maclean, Matt Newville, Brian James Tieman, Brian H. Toby, Michel A. Van Veenendaal
  • Channel Access, CA Snooper and CASW - Ken Evans pdf ppt
  • Report on synApps/EPICS 3.14 meeting rtf html
  • synApps conversion to 3.14 - status ppt html - Mark Rivers
  • iocSh changes ppt html - Eric Norum
  • mpf Status ppt - Marty Kraimer
  • asynchronous IO ppt - Marty Kraimer
  • Writing EPICS Channel Access Clients in Python html ppt-Geoff Savage
  • Beamline Controls with Epics and Python html ppt-Matt Newville
  • Python Applications for Beamline Control html ppt-Mark Rivers
  • Using Python With MX html ppt-James Fait
  • Python Applications for Beamline Control/Analysis html ppt - Tim Mooney
  • Channel Archiver - Tim Graber
  • Beamline Steering Displays, and related x-ray beam-position-monitor info - Glenn Decker
  • Recap last meeting, work in progress, survey results - Tim Mooney
  • Distributing SAS data-analysis software to end users - Pete Jemian
  • Recent Progress in EPICS-based Beamline Software html ppt - Tim Mooney
  • Data Collection Using Database Sequencing ppt pdf- Keith Brister