Advanced Photon Source

Office of Science User Facilities

Sector Contacts

APS Beamline Assignments
Beamline BCDA Contact
Primary Fallback
XSD-1-ID Kurt Goetze Pete Jemian
XSD-1-BM Keenan Lang
XSD-2 Ron Sluiter
XSD-3 Kurt Goetze
XSD-4 Kurt Goetze
XSD-6 Kurt Goetze
XSD-7 Dohn Arms
XSD-8-ID, XSD-8-BM Joe Sullivan
XSD-9-ID, Kevin Peterson
XSD-9-BM Joe Sullivan
XSD-11-BM Tim Mooney
XSD-12 Dohn Arms
15-ID Kevin Peterson
XSD-20 Dohn Arms
GMCA/XSD-23 Pete Jemian
CNM/XSD-26-ID Kevin Peterson
XSD-27-ID Jeff Kirchman
IEX/XSD-29 Dohn Arms
XSD-30 Kurt Goetze
XSD-32 Kevin Peterson
XSD-33&34 Kevin Peterson
DCS@APS(35-ID) Joe Sullivan
AES Contacts List

In case you cannot reach your sector contact, please call the BCDA Group Leader, Pete Jemian, at his office phone: 2-3189. This will probably forward to a mobile so wait on the line while the call is connected.