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Data Recovery Vendors

Lab Cyber Security Office has one recommendation for data recovery. This vendor have been approved by Lab Cyber to handle Argonne hard drives in accordance with Lab policies. Drives are allowed to be sent offsite for storage and/or recovery to the approved vendor. If you deal with the approved vendor below, you will avoid legal paperwork and delays.

  1. Kroll Ontrack


    Contact information:
    Call 800-872-2599


    Ontrack performs two services, disk evaluation, and the actual data recovery. A customer can choose to just have the evaluation and nothing else. If the required data cannot be recovered, then the customer only pays for the evaluation and not the actual data recovery. For Argonne employees, Ontrack does the evaluation free of charge. Overall, two Paris purchase requisitions are needed. One is for the evaluation, which is free. The second requisition would be for the actual data recovery only if data can be recovered. Also, Argonne Cyber Security has to approve all hard drive shipments to off site, but this is typically part of the Argonne procurement process.

    Other Lab users have paid $1K-$2K for data recovery.


Note: When sending a hard drive offsite for data recovery service, use certified mail with signature required.