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Foreign Travel with an APS Laptop

Argonne National Laboratory policy states that users are required to have Argonne laptops checked for malicious code and other vulnerabilities by the Argonne Cyber Security Program Office (CSPO) prior to and following business travel to a sensitive country.

The AES-IT Group can assist you in complying with this Laboratory Policy. Before any foreign travel with an Argonne laptop, submit a request through theĀ  Argonne Help Desk asking that AES-IT facilitate scanning of your laptop. The IT Group will scan your laptop and eradicate any cyber security vulnerabilities prior to your trip.

For the special case of travel to a sensitive country, the DOE/Laboratory recommends that users not take an Argonne laptop and further recommends that should an Argonne laptop be required, one be obtained from a divisional pool. An APS user may elect to take a loaner laptop on foreign travel. The IT Group can assist you in obtaining a loaner laptop and in facilitating the required scanning by the Argonne CSPO. For assistance, submit a Help Desk ticket at least 2 weeks prior to your trip.

See User Flowchart

User must follow the process below in order to take a laptop on foreign travel:

  1. The user's secretary completes a "DOE F 551.1" form, which is sent to the Security Department for approval
  2. Once Security approves, the user receives an email message, which includes a link to required training
  3. The user needs to click on the training link ( within the email message and complete the required training.
  4. Once the training has been completed, APS-IT receives an email notification and will contact the user with more information