Advanced Photon Source

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get support?

Submit a Help Desk ticket.

If the need is urgent, call the Argonne Help Desk at 630-252-9700 or contact one of the Information Technology group personnel via pager or phone. For more information try additional links on Getting Support.

What kind of "support" can I expect?

Information Technology is responsible for the installation of all APS computer systems, network equipment, printers and software. IT will troubleshoot computer problems and either repair or provide information on repair services for hardware. IT does not have the resources to provide extensive hardware repair services.

Who is supported by Information Technology group?

All APS computer users with limited support available for the CATs.

What computer platforms/operating systems are supported?

  • Intel based Computers running Windows 10 and Windows 7.
  • Intel based Computers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Apple Macintosh computers running MacOS X.

What about Printers and Copiers?

See the printers and copiers wiki for additional questions and answers concerning printer and copier support.

What about Printer maintenance?

The Managed Service Provider does not change toner or add paper. To have a printer repaired please enter a ticket in the Argonne Help Desk.

Who supports the APS computer network?

The network is also supported by Information Technology group.

What hardware is recommended?

Can I order any hardware I want?

No, you must order the recommended hardware to comply with DOE configuration management policies.

Do you have any surplus hardware that I can have for free?

Yes, sometimes. Although it will not be state of the art, it will be supportable.

What software is supported?

What if I have an older version of the software that is no longer supported?

Submit a HelpDesk request and IT will install the current version as the license allows.

What if I have a need that isn't filled with software on this list?

Order whatever software you need. All software must be installed by the Information Technology group to comply with DOE configuration management policies Occasionally, software may cause problems with other software or pose a security risk. If that's the case, Information Technology group will uninstall the software if unresolvable problems persist. It may be wise to speak with Information Technology group and ask for suggestions prior to purchasing the software.

Does APS have site licenses for some software?

How does Information Technology track software licenses?

IT uses the vendor supplied license servers and Argonne's Eracent Software.

Why do I need a Cryptocard for VPN or SSH access?

Using cryptocard will address one of the most common targets of a security attack, the use of static passwords. Cryptocard is an example of 2 factor authentication the two factors being 1) the token you have and 2) the PIN which only you know. The one time password together with the lack of static files on the system will create a difficult cracking condition.

How do I use Cryptocard with VPN?

You will need to use the AnyConnect VPN client in secure mode. This is a pull-down option.

What if I want to move my computer?

Notify Information Technology group using the HelpDesk that the computer has been moved and supply the new location. Please be sure to list all of the hardware. Sometimes processors, disk drives, and monitors have different inventory numbers. See Moving Your Computer.

Will you move it for me?

Information Technology group does not physically move computers. Information Technology group will prepare your computer for moving by performing the following: We will shut down the computer upon notification and will disconnect peripherals It is then the owner's responsibility to have the computer moved. Information Technology group will then reconnect the computer to the network and peripherals when notified that the computer is in its new location.

What are the hours of support?

Support will normally be available during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Emergency service for urgent needs is available off hours. If there is a computer or network problem during off hours, contact the MCR or Floor Coordinators and they will forward the request. After Hours Instructions.

Do you charge for computer support?

There is no charge for effort. There is no charge for standard office applications and system software for which site licenses have been obtained. There is a charge for special purpose software and for hardware. Your Information Technology person will charge your cost code. You must have permission from the cost code approver before this software/hardware can be ordered or installed.

How are help desk requests prioritized?

The initial priority is assigned by the user. Low and medium priority tasks are automatically escalated after a set time.

Why do I have to wait so long for Information Technology support?

Information Technology responds to requests on a priority basis. We aim for two days turn around on high priority; one week turnaround on medium priority; and two weeks turnaround on low priority. Unfortunately, the 2000+ computers at the APS and the large number of tickets sometimes means that this goal is not realized.

What computer security changes are being made?

DOE requires Argonne to upgrade NIST 800-53 support from version 3 to 4 in the near future.

How do I change my password?

See the "Accounts" tab at APS Accounts page.

What software supports SSH?

On Windows you can use Exceed Hummingbird or Putty.

I cannot get to a particular website

Submit a Help Desk ticket and APS IT and the Cyber Office will investigate the issue.