Advanced Photon Source

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Current Software Version List

The following software is installed by the It Group on all Apple computers unless specifically noted in the description.

Current Software Version List - 06/20/2013
Software Name Major Version License Description
Mac OS X 10.8 Site "Mountain Lion" This is the most current version of the Macintosh Operating System for Apple's current hardware.
Adobe Flash 11 Free Software and browser plug-in to support Flash-enabled sites.
Adobe Reader 11 Free PDF viewer. Not installed by default. Installed on request.
Cisco AnyConnect VPN 3.1 Site VPN software for laptops. Used in conjunction with CryptoCards. See VPN Remote Access
Citrix ICA Client 10 Site Access to vitualized Windows services and applications. See
ClamXav 2.3 Free AntiVirus software.
CrashPlan PROe 3.3 Site "Client-pull" backup software. See How to use the CrashPlan PROe Backup Software
FileMaker Pro 12 50 Mac-centric database software. Installed by request.
Firefox 17esr Free Enterprise version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser.
Flip4Mac 3 Free WMV player for Macintosh
KeyServer 7 250 License manager software. Installed as needed.
Microsoft Office 2011 14 Site Microsoft's suite of office applications for Mac OS.
NX Player 4 Free Remote X11 software client.
RealPlayer SP 12 Free Multimedia viewer.
Stuffit Expander 15 Free Software to uncompress .sit, .zip, .tar, .rar, .gzip, .bzip, etc. files.
Thunderbird 17esr Free Enterprise version of Mozilla's Thunderbird mail client.
XQuartz 2.7 Free Apple's current version of their X11 software.