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CAT Proxy

Web Browsing Behind the Firewall

When using a Web browser behind the firewall, access to URLs and references to non-standard ports (for example, port 8080) will NOT work.Only access to URLs and referenceson port 80 will be available by default.To handle requests to non-standard ports, users MUST configure their browsers to use the firewall as their proxy.This configuration varies depending upon the browser, operating system, and version.An automatic proxy configuration file provides one location where changes can be centralized and users simply point their Web browsers to this file.A proxy configuration file has been created for all CATs currently behind the firewall.

To access this proxy configuration file from the browser, find the proxy configuration window in your browser.Then choose automatic proxy configuration and type in for the proxy configuration file.To test the proxy configuration in the browser try accessingSearch Argonne Site . Additional information is given below on using manual configuration or configuring your own proxy configuration file.

Manual Proxy Configuration:

Proxy  Address of proxy to use  Port 
ftp null null
gopher 80
http 80
security 80
wais 80

No proxy for hosts on your local network or other CAT subnets behind the firewall and localhost (
DO NOT specify anything for the "SOCKS Host".Leave this blank.

Automatic Proxy Configuration:

See for detailed information.

An example of a JavaScript used for automatic proxy configuration is given below:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    {if (dnsDomainIs(host, "") ||
      isInNet(host, "164.54.XXX.0", "") ||
      return "DIRECT";
      return "PROXY; DIRECT";}

This code should be saved to a file with a suffix of proxy (e.g. cat.proxy). Then to reference this file from the Web browser, store this file on a web server, ftp server or any directory which the browser has access.Connections to any servers behind the firewall including other CATs must be made directly and NOT go through zeta.