Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Wireless Networking

APS 802.11n/g Wireless Network Information

APS has installed an 802.11n/g Wireless Network in the 400 area complex. The wireless network allows the APS community to access APS network services and the Internet via their laptop computers, Smartphones and other wireless devices without having to plug in to the network.

Where can I use the wireless network?

APS provides wireless Ethernet coverage in the following areas:

  • Building 401
  • Building 402 Conference Center
  • Building 382
  • Building 400a
  • 400 Experimental Floor
  • Building 401
  • Buildings 411, 412, 413, 420, and the EAA
  • LOMs 431Z, 431-438, 438F
  • Building 450
  • Building 460 the Argonne Guest House

What SSID should I connect to?

Using your computer on the APS wireless network?

What do I need to use the wireless network?

To access the Internet you need to be in the vicinity of a wireless access point location.


To access the internal APS network it is recommended APS employees use APS AUTH N. A VPN client is not necessary when authenticating into the wireless APS AUTH N network. Please submit a Help Desk request for APS AUTH N access here:

Printing from the Wireless Network:

Printing is currently supported from visitor subnets and wireless network. Please click here for directions.