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Argonne is now a member of the eduroam community, a worldwide WiFi service for research and education. This is accomplished through the sharing of authentication services between eduroam participating institutions. This service is now available at the APS, in any location wireless network service is available: 382, 400a, 400 Experimental Floor, 401, 402 Conference Center, 411/412, 413, 420, 431Z, 431-438, 438F, 450, and 460 Argonne Guest House.

The new "eduroam" wireless service will provide guest wireless access without the need to register for:
- Visitors to the APS (if from eduroam participating institutions)
- APS users when visiting other locations, which are participating in the eduroam community

eduroam should NOT be used by ANL employees while at Argonne.

Once logged in eduroam users will have guest Internet access. If an eduroam user needs to connect to home institution internal resources, they will use Citrix, SSH or VPN remote access, as is needed when connected to any guest network.

How to connect to eduroam

When visitors to Argonne and the APS connect to the "eduroam" service, they will authenticate as:
Username: HomeInstitutionUsername@HomeInstitutionDomainName
Password: HomeInstitutionPassword

When Argonne and APS users visit other eduroam member institutions, they will connect to "eduroam" and authenticate as:
Password: ANLPassword

Cyber Security

The eduroam network is a secure network with valid certificates.Users must authenticate with valid credentials in order to connect to the eduroam service. Any attempts to spoof the eduroam service in order to harvest credentials would generate numerous certificate warnings, in the same way any SSL web site is protected.<br>-Matt Kwiatkowski, Cyber Security Program Office

More information about eduroam service:
Argonne-specific info:
Eduroam-general info:

"eduroam" authentication service is an Argonne supported service made available at the APS. If you experience any issues, please contact the Argonne help desk via phone: 2-9999 or email to