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Printing Hints for Linux Users

Listed below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about printing. form the Linux systems

  1. How can I tell what my default printer is from Linux?
    Type "lpstat -d" at the Linux prompt.
  2. How can I change my default printer destination in Linux?
    Type "change_printer printer_name" at the Linux prompt and then logout. This will set the default printer to "printer_name" for mailtool, calendar manager and the Linux shell environment. Mail will also be printed out with fancy headers.
  3. What printers are supported?
    See printer requirements page.
  4. After I have sent the job to the printer how can I check the queue to see if it has printed?
    At the Linux prompt you can type "lpq -Pprinter_name" to check the queue for the printer "printer_name". If the result says "no entries" the queue is empty. Otherwise a listing of all the jobs in the queue will be listed along with owner, job number and size.
  5. Can I delete a job I sent to a Linux print queue?
    Yes. Type the command "lprm -Pprinter_name job#" at the Linux prompt. This command will remove the print job with the job number of "job#" from the printer "printer_name". The "lpq" command displays the job number for each print job. Jobs can only be removed by their owner. Refer to the man page on "lprm" for more info.
  6. How come my favorite printer does not exist in an applications?
    Some applications require the system administrator to enter each printer manually. Normally the popular printers are added first and other printers are added as needed. If your desired printer is not available in some application enter a ticket in Argonne Help Desk and the printer will be added.

If you are having any type of printer problems or have questions contact the Argonne Help Desk. Sometimes IT Support is not aware a printer problem exists until it is reported. If a printing problem occurs during off hours try using another printer until the problem can be fixed.