Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Licensed Software at the APS

The APS standard Windows 10 image includes: Windows 10, Office 2016, McAfee Enterprise anti-virus, browsers (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox), Mozilla Thunderbird email client, Adobe Reader, Citrix, FreeNX, Putty, WinZip, and various media players. If CD/DVD burner is installed, Roxio is provided. For laptops and home systems, the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client is also provided.

Free Software

Freely available software may be installed based upon the individual user's needs.

Unlimited Software Licensing at the APS

The APS has unlimited/perpetual licensing for the following software:

  • TextPad v4.X

Limited Software Licensing at the APS

The APS has a limited number of licenses for the following software

  • Hummingbird Exceed
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Igor Pro
  • RealVNC

Certain APS groups purchase licensing for a variety of needed software, such as OrCAD, Matlab and Mathematica. This software is only available to authorized users.

Sitewide Software Licensing

The Laboratory has a variety of software licensing agreements in place. For a list of Sitewide Software Licensing agreements, see: Sitewide Software Agreements Individual users pay to participate in these programs. For further information about Sitewide Software Licensing, contact Edy Haus,, 2-6565.

Note: Acrobat Pro software can be purchased through the Argonne Adobe agreement. Keep in mind that the Office 2010 suite of programs can save files in PDF format, so only users who need to manipulate PDF files need Acrobat Pro.

User Purchased Software

Other software licensing must be purchased by the user and can be installed by the APS IT Group. Popular software which must be purchased from the vendor include:

  • Origin
  • IDL
  • AutoCAD
  • Mathcad

Software Installation

For assistance with software installation or for any software licensing related questions, please submit a ticket at: Argonne Help Desk