Advanced Photon Source

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Proposed project and non-routine shutdown work

Complete list of proposed project and non-routine shutdown work


Non-Routine Project Planning

Non-Routine Project Planning

Shutdown Description Division Approval Design Review Resource Plan Readiness Review Responsible Engineer Responsible Group Responsible Division Date Entered Current Status
Dec - Jan 2018 Install HSCU at Sector 7 - Joel Fuerst / Mike Merritt -MD XSD 06.16.2017 Activate
Dec - Jan 2018 P-3422: Replacement of SR RAW Supply PLC Al Hillman ASD-PS ASD 06.14.2017 Activate
Dec - Jan 2018 Install horizontal focusing mirror at downstream end of 33-ID-C Erika Benda Beamline Instrumentation (BI) XSD 10.10.2017 Activate
Dec - Jan 2018 Install a lead glass calorimeter element in the Sector 28 ID beamline N/A Jeff Dooling AOP ASD 11.16.2017 Activate
Dec - Jan 2018 Replace the 1-BM front-end window with a differential pump (i.e., go to “windowless” operation) M. Erdman MOM AES 12.13.2017 Activate