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Safety Interlocks (AES-SI)

Welcome to the Safety Interlocks Group web page. The AES/Safety Interlocks Group is responsible for developing, implementing, and supporting primarily PLC-based interlock systems for personnel access control and equipment protection of the APS accelerators and beamlines, specifically ACIS, PSS, BLEPS and FEEPS. The mission of the group is focused on meeting five objectives:

This is accomplished by pursuing the following goals
  • Implement and support interlock systems with high customer satisfaction and maintain high availability and operational transparency of installed systems.
  • Integrate ICMS into the daily activities of the group.
  • Act as a resource for the APS facility and the community at large, primarily in the area of plc based interlock systems.
  • Develop a visibly outstanding technical workforce in engineered safety systems.
  • Stay proactive in the APS and AES safety culture.