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Run 2016-2: Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors

Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors
PEN Title PI Institution Start Date Req. Made Requestor Date Time Inspector Comment OK



Evaluation of the in situ kinetics of bioapatite crystallization determined by fibrillar collagen structures Young-Shin Jun The Washington University 11/2/2016 Y Doyoon Kim 11/1/2016 @ 1600  

A syringe pump and a pulse generator (Inspection needed) A magnetic stirrer and a hot plate (no inspectioin needed)

Location: 11-ID-B




Switchable piezoelectric properties of Ferroelectric/ZnO heterostructures Alexei Grigoriev The University of Tulsa 10/25/2016 Y Alexei Grigoriev 10/24/2016 @ 1400 Ray Ziegler

TREK MODEL 2100HF high-frequency high-voltage amplifier.  It was inspected a the APS in Feb2016, but we took it with us after experiments.

Location: 7-ID-C


01-Sector 1 wet lab or the 1-ID-E hutch-2016-


Mock-up experiments with UR5 robot arm Xuan Zhang Argonne National Laboratory 9/26/2016 Y Xuan Zhang 9/22/2016 @ 0900 Dean Wyncott

UR5 robot unit

Sector 1 Chem Lab


15-15-ID-CHEM MATCARS-2016-


Voltage Tunable Nanoparticles Clusters with Electrostatic Interactions Daniel Amoanu University of Illinois at Chicago 9/16/2016 Y Daniel Amoanu 9/15/2016 @ 1400 Pasquale DiDonna

Electrochemical Interface (Solartron)

Location: Chem Lab Sector 15


All APS User electronic and electrical equipment must be inspected before use in an experiment. Please ask your beamline to make arrangements with one of the inspectors listed above.

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Updated: September 26, 2016