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Run 2016-1: Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors

Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors
PEN Title PI Institution Start Date Req. Made Requestor Date Time Inspector Comment OK



Carbon Condensation from Detonating Explosives Trevor Willey Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2/29/2016 Y Trevor Willey 2/29/2016 @ 1300  

1) New LLNL-manufactured high voltage fire-set to trigger detonation

2) New fast power supply to trigger heat-wire, and thermite burn

Location: 35-ID-B




Chalcogenide Solar Cells: In-situ Mapping of Elemental Distributions during Absorber Layer Growth Mariana Bertoni De Merkle Arizona State University 2/29/2016 Y Michael Stuckelberger 2/29/2016 @ 0800  

Temperature controller

Location: 2-ID-D




X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Studies of Heterogeneous Catalytic Materials David Yancey The Dow Chemical Company 2/24/2016 Y David Yancey 2/24/2016 @ 0900  

Heating Controller

Location: 5-BM-D




Electromechanical response and polarization dynamics of epitaxial ferroelectric bilayers Alexei Grigoriev The University of Tulsa 2/17/2016 Y Alexei Grigoriev 2/16/2016 @ 1400 Ray Ziegler

TREK MODEL 2100HF high-frequency high-voltage amplifier

Location: Sector 7




Two-dimensional Operando Imaging of Layered Oxide Cathode Materials Using TXM-XANES Brian May University of Illinois at Chicago 2/13/2016 Y Mark Wolf 2/11/2016 @ 1200 Ray Ziegler

SP-50 potentiostat

Location: 8-BM-B




In situ chemical changes during electrochemical anion insertion in layered double hydroxides Matthias Young National Institute of Standards and Technology 2/12/2016 Y Matthias Young 2/11/2016 @ 1500  

BioLogic SP-200 Potentiostat

Location: 10-BM-B




Ultra-small angle X-ray scattering, imaging, and tomography of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Electrodes Deborah Myers Argonne National Laboratory 2/10/2016 Y Nancy Kariuki 2/9/2016 @ 1300  

Virtis cyclone IQ2 microprocessor: serial # 213472, item # 307686, voltage 115, amps 8.5, hertz 60, phase 1.

Location: 9-ID-BC



The effects of extrafibrillar spaces of collagen matrices on the kinetics of bioapatite crystallization Young-Shin Jun The Washington University 2/10/2016 Y Doyoon Kim 2/9/2016 @ 1600  

syringe pump, a pulse generator

Location: 11-ID-B



Implementation of picosecond-resolved valence-to-core X-ray emission spectroscopy using multi-analyzer dispersive spectrometer Wojciech Gawelda European XFEL GmbH 2/10/2016 Y Wojciech Gawelda 2/8/2016 @ 1000 Ray Ziegler

Control electronics crate (it consists of several electronics components, including power supply, connection buses and motor drivers (terminals), LEMO connectors). The crate is equipped with LEMO adapter cables to connect motor driver terminals with stepper motors installed on the von Hamos spectrometer.

Location: Sector 7




Ethylene carbonylation Chieh-Chao Yang Northwestern University 2/4/2016 Y Chieh-Chao Yang 2/4/2016 @ 1000 Mike McDowell

1. heating controller (previously inspected but expired) 2. heating tape 3. cooling fan

Location: 5-BM-D




Integrated multimodal imaging of energy materials based on projection microscope at 34-ID-E Xianghui Xiao Argonne National Laboratory 2/4/2016 Y Qi Liu 2/2/2016 @ 1000 Mike Pape

Biologic potentiostat

Location: 34-ID-E


All APS User electronic and electrical equipment must be inspected before use in an experiment. Please ask your beamline to make arrangements with one of the inspectors listed above.

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Updated: February 4, 2016