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Run 2016-2: Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors

Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors
PEN Title PI Institution Start Date Req. Made Requestor Date Time Inspector Comment OK



Flash sintering of oxide and non-oxide nanocomposites using in-situ EDXRD Thomas Tsakalakos Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 11/28/2016 Y John Osinski 11/28/2016 @ 0800  

Sample experiment furnace

Location: 6-BM-A




ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company Partner User Proposal for X-ray Scattering on Sector-12 Paul Stevens ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company 11/15/2016 Y Alexander Norman 11/15/2016 @ 0900  

Linkham CSS450 Shear Cell previously approved by APS...

Location: 12-BM




Tracing structure evolution at millisecond scale of iron oxyhydroxide minerals using time-resolved PDF and XAS Hengzhong Zhang Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research (HPSTAR) 11/15/2016 Y Hengzhong Zhang 11/14/2016 @ 1600

Rick Spence

Harvard Syringe Pump Model 33

Location: 11-ID-D




Chalcogenide Solar Cells: In-situ Mapping of Elemental Distributions during Absorber Layer Growth Mariana Bertoni De Merkle Arizona State University 11/2/2016 Y Michael Stuckelberger 11/1/2016 @ 1100  

Temperature controller, data acquisition unit, water pump, power supply. All equipment had been inspected during last beamtime of that proposal (Feb. 2016). It has left ANL but not been modified.

Location: 2-ID-D




Evaluation of the in situ kinetics of bioapatite crystallization determined by fibrillar collagen structures Young-Shin Jun The Washington University 11/2/2016 Y Doyoon Kim 11/1/2016 @ 1600  

A syringe pump and a pulse generator (Inspection needed) A magnetic stirrer and a hot plate (no inspectioin needed)

Location: 11-ID-B




Characterization of Aerated-Liquid Jets Using Synchrotron X-Ray Kuo-Cheng (Steven) Lin Taitech, Inc. 11/2/2016 Y Kuo-Cheng (Steven) Lin 11/1/2016 @ 1300 Ray Ziegler

1. Vacuum cleaner for flow separation 2. Submerged pump 3. Data acquisition and control system with an APS safety approval bar code of E020019

Location: 7-BM-B




Ultra-fast imaging of Detonation Phenomena Trevor Willey Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 10/31/2016 Y Trevor Willey 11/1/2016 @ 1100  

firesets that have been shipped back to LLNL between beam times.  (The one we use may be a twin that has never been brought to APS before.)

Location: 35-ID-B




Molecular Structure of Nanomaterial Polymer/Clay Composite Inks for 4D Printing Ralph Nuzzo University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 10/27/2016 Y Brittany Rauzan 10/27/2016 @ 1000  

Nordson EFD Ultimus V pressure controller

Location: 8-ID-I




Fundamental understanding of the evolution of electrochemical and mechanical degradation of high capacity anode electrode microstructures using in-situ synchrotron transmission x-ray microscopy Likun Zhu Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 10/27/2016 Y Tianyi Li 10/26/2016 @ 1600  

CH660D potentiostat Arbin battery cycler

Location: 8-BM




Nanostructured Block Polymers: Molecular Architecture, Morphology, and Application Timothy Lodge University of Minnesota 10/26/2016 Y Ronald Lewis 10/26/2016 @ 1000  

Hot plates Centrifuge Vortex mixer Heating block

Location: 5-ID-D




Development of Size-Exclusion Chromatography - Multi-angle Light Scattering instrument in line with the SAXS camera. Srinivas Chakravarthy Illinois Institute of Technology 10/25/2016 Y Srinivas Chakravarthy 10/25/2016 @ 1300 Mike Pape

Wyatt Helios Multiangle light scattering Instrument and an Agilent Infinity II HPLC system

Location: 18-ID




Phase Transition Dynamics in Model Block Copolymers Sangwoo Lee Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 10/25/2016 Y Erik Zimmerman 10/25/2016 @ 0800 Jay Von Osinski

IKA Magnetic Stirring Plate Heater

Location: 5-ID-D




Mapping of iron in transgenic poplar cell walls with an overexpressed heterologous ferritin gene Joseph Jakes USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory 10/25/2016 Y Joseph Jakes 10/24/2016 @ 1500 Dean Wyncott

Humysis humidity generator

Location: Sector 2




ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company Partner User Proposal for X-ray Scattering on Sector-12 Paul Stevens ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company 10/25/2016 Y Alex Norman 10/24/2016 @ 1500 Tom Walsh

Linkam TST 350 tensile stage
Note: 29872-08/03/2016   The electrical inspection completed by Tom Walsh. The inspected equipment is approved for use at the APS. The equipment HAS left APS but not been used since. We will be shipping the equipment prior to beamtime beginning

Location: 12-ID-B




Switchable piezoelectric properties of Ferroelectric/ZnO heterostructures Alexei Grigoriev The University of Tulsa 10/25/2016 Y Alexei Grigoriev 10/24/2016 @ 1400 Ray Ziegler

TREK MODEL 2100HF high-frequency high-voltage amplifier.  It was inspected a the APS in Feb2016, but we took it with us after experiments.

Location: 7-ID-C




The biomechanical mechanism of energy transfer in mandible strikes of trap-jaw ants (Part 2) Andrew Suarez University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 10/23/2016 Y Alexei Grigoriev 10/23/2016 @ 0800 see inspection below at Sector 32

Tekscan Flexiforce ELF systems piezoelectric sensor attached to a Lenovo ideapad 100S-11IBY laptop (Model Name 80R2)

See Sector 32 ESAF below




The biomechanical mechanism of energy transfer in mandible strikes of trap-jaw ants (Part 1) Andrew Suarez University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 10/21/2016 Y Joshua Gibson 10/21/2016 @ 0800 Clay White

Photron SA-Z high speed camera (will bring 2), Photron SA-X2 high speed camera,  Tekscan Flexiforce ELF systems piezoelectric sensor attached to a Lenovo ideapad 100S-11IBY laptop (Model Name 80R2)

Location: Sector 32 Lab




The influence of collagen fibrillar structure on the nucleation kinetics of calcium phosphate nanocrystals Young-Shin Jun The Washington University 10/21/2016 Y Doyoon Kim 10/20/2016 @ 1600 Clay White

A syringe pump, a pulse generator, and a heating block

Location: 9-ID




Element-Resolved Vibrational Dynamics and Thermodynamics in Giant Magnetocaloric Materials: Hydrogenated La(FeSi)13-Based Compounds and FeRh Thin Films Werner Keune University of Duisburg-Essen 10/18/2016 Y Werner Keune 10/19/2016 @ 1000 Clay White

Our homemade sample heater (that we bring to the APS) is a hollow copper cylinder 40 mm long, 22 mm DIA.) with a copper front face where the sample is fixed. Concentrically inside the Cu cylinder is a small light bulb carrying at maximum 24 Volts and 2 Amperes. This light bulb serves as a heater. - The electric power for the light bulb will be provided by a commercial LakeShore temperature controller that is standard unmodified NRTL approved equipment available at beamline 3-ID. We do NOT bring a temperature controller to the APS, but we will use the LakeShore temperature controller available at beamline 3-ID.

Location: 3-ID




USAXS investigate of the solvent effect on ink formulation of polymer electrolyte fuel cells Fan Yang Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 10/18/2016 Y Fan Yang 10/18/2016 @ 0800 Tom Walsh


Location: 9-ID wet lab




In-situ XAFS studies on low Pd and Fe loading catalysts for catalytic hydrodechlorination reaction and simulated cathode environment of PEM/AEM fuel cells respectively Umit Ozkan The Ohio State University 10/14/2016 Y Gokhan Celik 10/13/2016 @ 1500 ?

Bio-Logic potentiostat,two liquid pumps, and conductivity meter

Location: 10-ID-B




Time resolved x-ray phase contrast imaging of metals under compression - III Zsolt Jenei Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 10/11/2016 Y Zsolt Jenei 10/11/2016 @ 0900 Eric Rod

High Power amplifier: Model: ENT400/ENV400

Mfg: Piezosystem Jena, Inc

Made in GermanyS/N: E-35661

Digital Delay/Pulse generator

Model: DG535

Mfg: Stanford Research Systems

Made in US S/N: 10917". Manuals or documentation is available.

Location: 16-BM-B




Parallel Collection of Diffraction Tomography Data Using Energy Dispersive Diffraction John Okasinski Argonne National Laboratory 10/6/2016 Y John Okasinski 10/7/2016 @ 1000 Tom Walsh

Hexitec detector (Quantum Detectors)

Location: 1-BM-B


01-Sector 1 wet lab or the 1-ID-E hutch-2016-


Mock-up experiments with UR5 robot arm Xuan Zhang Argonne National Laboratory 9/26/2016 Y Xuan Zhang 9/22/2016 @ 0900 Dean Wyncott

UR5 robot unit

Sector 1 Chem Lab


15-15-ID-CHEM MATCARS-2016-


Voltage Tunable Nanoparticles Clusters with Electrostatic Interactions Daniel Amoanu University of Illinois at Chicago 9/16/2016 Y Daniel Amoanu 9/15/2016 @ 1400 Pasquale DiDonna

Electrochemical Interface (Solartron)

Location: Chem Lab Sector 15


All APS User electronic and electrical equipment must be inspected before use in an experiment. Please ask your beamline to make arrangements with one of the inspectors listed above.

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Updated: October 21, 2016