Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Beamline 29-ID

The Intermediate Energy X-Ray (IEX) beamline 29-ID is currently accepting general users (50% GUP) and transitioning to regular general user operations (80% GUP). For more details regarding beamlime specifications and performances visit: 

This beamline operates at energies between 250 and 2200 eV using the first harmonic, and up to 3000 eV with limited flux using the 3rd harmonic (e.g. for in-situ sample alignment). It focuses on:

IEX is part of the Magnetic Materials Group in the X-ray Science Division of the Advanced Photon Source.

Beamline Phone: 630.252.2601

Local Contacts
Jessica McChesney (ARPES, RSXS) 630.252.7107
Fanny Rodolakis Simoes (ARPES, RSXS) 630.252.6817