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Overview of the 7-BM Beamline

The 7-BM beamline is dedicated to time-resolved measurements of complex fluid flowfields using x-ray radiography and fluorescence spectroscopy. Funding for the final commissioning of 7-BM was provided by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Commissioning was completed at the end of FY2012. The beamline is currently operated by the X-Ray Science Division of the APS.

Major Areas of Research
  • Fuel sprays from automotive fuel injectors, both diesel and gasoline. See more on the X-Ray Fuel Spray web page from Argonne's Energy Systems Division.
  • Sprays for air-breathing propulsion.
  • Fuel injection for rocket injectors.
  • Gas-phase fuel injection, mixing, and combustion.

Diesel-Chamber-Smaller.pngMcKenna burner in the x-ray beamlineCombined radiography and fluorescence of an aerated spray

Beamline Performance
  • Total flux: 4 x 1011 ph/s at 8 keV
  • Energy range: 5 - 9 keV, 3.2% ΔE/E; 9-15 keV at 1.0% ΔE/E
  • Focus spot size: 5 x 6 μm FWHM
  • Detection bandwidth: up to 6.5 MHz
Status of 7-BM
The X-Ray Fuel Spray group in Argonne's Energy Systems division has recently set up a YouTube channel with research highlights, many of which come from research done at 7-BM. 

7-BM is currently accepting General Users. Beamtime requests should be made through the APS General User Proposal System.