Advanced Photon Source

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if there is an emergency?

From a land-line telephone on-site, dial 911. From a personal cell phone, dial 630-252-1911. This will connect to the Argonne Fire Department for faster response.


What should I do if the beamline controls freeze? How do I restart the beamline controls if they accidentally get closed?

On the beamline Linux workstation, there is an icon titled "Clear all MEDM Screens". Double click this icon to clear all current control screens. Double-click the icon labeled "Start Beamline Controls" to start up the most common set of screens for radiography measurements.


The data file viewer disappeared or stopped working. How do we get it back?

If the viewer is open but frozen, close it. Go the the 7BM-B control screen (typically on the right side of the screen, near the top). At the bottom of this window is a yellow button labeled "Tools". Click on this button, then the first option that pops up below it (dview). This opens the data viewer program. In this window, click File-Load File. Use the quick link on the left-hand side of the dialog to choose the current run cycle. Then, open the desired file (typically the last one written, so sorting by name in reverse order is often helpful).


I aborted a scan and now it seems stuck. I can't get a new scan to run.

If you are taking time-resolved data with the oscilloscope, the most likely problem is that the Done-Busy button used to handshake between the oscilloscope DAQ program and EPICS is stuck in the Busy position. To check, find the yellow Radiography window (usually at the top-right in the Radiography workspace). If it appears that Busy is pressed in, simply click the control to switch it back to Done.

Another possibility is that DataGrabber is not in slave mode. Check to be sure that DataGrabber is set to slave mode, as well as the oscilloscope. Also, make sure the oscilloscope is set to capture only a finite number of traces, rather than running in an infinite loop.

If you are perforing fluorescence measurements with the silicon drift diode, it is possible that the time counter for the detector has hung. Go to the Fluorescence workspace and click on the "Erase/Start" button on the main DXP screen. This should help get things unstuck.