Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Sector 8: Analysis Tools and Links

Information is available on:

  • XPCS: review material written by Simon Mochrie of Yale University
  • X-Ray Speckle: Speckle analysis and Yorick code per Mark Sutton
  • Coherence: Coherence Calculator
  • Sector 7 Online Calculators: Calculators, including coherence-related ones, developed by the staff at Sector 7 (formerly MHATT-CAT)
  • Fraunhofer: Calculates widths of Fraunhofer diffraction.
  • Yorick: based CCD analysis routines and information on the Yorick language
  • XR-14: Aerogel SAXS Scattering Standard (8mm thick)
  • standards.b: Yorick binary file with some standard calibration data for SAXS (right-click and save - Yorick binary file)
  • Backup: Making tape backups on the DLT drive