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  • 2015 APS/CNM Users Meeting, May 11-14, 2015: https://usersmeeting2015.conference.anl.gov/
  • Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) Preview Tour, Tuesday, May 12
  • Monday morning May 11 combined plenary session Users Meeting keynote speaker announced! You don't want to miss this! John Rogers of the University of Illinois will present "A Thousand Points of Light – Microscale Light Emitting Diodes for Applications Ranging from Information Display to Optogenetics"

    Abstract: Recent advances in materials science and engineering enable the construction of high-performance light emitting diodes with unusual sizes, shapes and forms and with efficient operation throughout the infrared, visible and ultraviolet.  When combined with high-speed assembly techniques, these devices can be configured onto ultrathin polymer filaments for injection into biological tissues, onto elastomeric substrates for use in skin-conformal health diagnostics, and into large-scale sparse arrays for high-speed displays with unmatched levels of power efficiency, brightness and contrast.  This talk summarizes the foundational scientific concepts and the engineering considerations for these and other applications.

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