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Legacy User Agreements

Listed below are the 3 institutions that have signed APS User Agreements as financially contributing CAT members (indicated by CAT acronyms) and/or as non-members (indicated by "GU") as of 15-Jan-2014). A CAT Agreement covers users’ activities at that CAT’s beam lines; a GU Agreement covers users’ activities at any APS beam line. All listed Agreements are nonproprietary unless otherwise noted. A superscript p indicates that a proprietary User Account has also been established.

If you are not an ANL employee, a User Agreement signed by your home institution is a prerequisite for hands-on work at the APS. If your institution is not listed below (or if your institution is listed but a unit or department or employment category other than your own is specified), complete an online APS User Agreement Questionnaire, which is the first step toward putting a User Agreement in place.

Alphabetical Legacy Listing

Henry Ford Health System (GU)
National Inst. of Health (SER) (this agreement covers only Federal employees)
Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography (GU)

* Both proprietary and nonproprietary Agreements have been signed.
+ A proprietary Agreement has been signed.
p A Proprietary User Account has been established.
HHMI: Represents Howard Hughes Medical Institute


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