XSD Groups

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (AMO)

Primary Contact: Stephen Southworth

Work focuses on understanding how strong optical and x-ray fields interact with matter, with an emphasis on photonic control of electronic, atomic and molecular motion.

Beamline Controls & Data Acquisition
BCDA develops software and electronic hardware for synchrotron radiation beamlines that serves the common needs of APS researchers, and implements software for the APS Beamlines.
Chemical and Materials Science (CMS)

Primary Contact: Randy Winans

Research Disciplines: Chemistry, Materials Science

Detectors (DET)

Primary Contact: Antonino Miceli

GMCA Structural Biology Facility (MX)

Primary Contact: Robert Fischetti

Research Disciplines: Biology, Life Sciences

Imaging (IMG)

Primary Contact: Francesco De Carlo

Research Disciplines: Materials Science, Biology, Physics, Life Sciences

Inelastic X-ray & Nuclear Resonant Scattering (IXN)

Primary Contact: Thomas Gog

Research Disciplines: Condensed Matter Physics, Geophysics, Materials Science

Magnetic Materials (MM)
Primary Contact: Daniel Haskel
Research Disciplines: Physics, Materials Science
Materials Physics and Engineering (MPE)

Primary Contact: Jonathan Almer

Research Disciplines: Materials Science and Engineering, Condensed-Matter Physics, Geosciences

Microscopy (MIC)

Primary Contact: Stefan Vogt

Research Disciplines: Materials Science, Biology, Physics, Life Sciences

Optics (OPT)

Primary Contact: Lahsen Assoufid

The Optics group operates and develops instruments to fabricate and characterize x-ray optical elements, such as single crystal monochromators, mirrors, multilayers, and other special substrates.

Software Services
The Software Services group provides flexible, customer-oriented software services to the accelerator and beamlines in support of world-class photon science at the APS. These services are rendered through the application of our core competencies: embedded software, software engineering, distributed control systems, information systems, high performance computing, and graphical user interfaces.
Spectroscopy (SPC)

Primary Contact: Steve Heald

Research Disciplines: Materials Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, GeoScience

Structural Science (SRS)

Primary Contact: Pete Chupas

Research Disciplines: Materials Science, GeoScience, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science

Surface Scattering and Microdiffraction (SSM)

Primary Contact: Jon Tischler

Research Disciplines: Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry

Theory and Software (TAS)

Primary Contact: Michel van Veenendaal

Synchrotron-Related Theory provides a link between x-ray experiments and materials science and theory. Areas of expertise include x-ray spectroscopy, magnetism, spin transport and strongly-correlated materials. SRT is a joint program supported by Northern Illinois University and the APS. Michel van Veenendaal

Time-Resolved Research (TRR)

Primary Contact: Alec Sandy

Research Disciplines: Materials Science, Condensed Matter Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics