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The goal of this seminar is to encourage interaction between groups, act as an open forum to share ideas, achievements, and results, promote collaboration, communicate what APS personnel are doing and to educate people. Talks can be projects, tasks, ideas, etc. that are new, unfinished, ongoing as well as fully developed. This seminar is very informal and does not require a fully formatted presentation.

To suggest a speaker or to volunteer, please contact Geoff Waldschmidt

Next Seminar:  Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017 @ 11:00 am, Conf. Rm. A1100

TITLE: Beam by design

SPEAKER:  Sasha Zholents

ABSTRACT:  Accelerator-based light sources such as storage rings and free-electron lasers use relativistic electron beams to produce intense radiation over a wide spectral range for fundamental research in physics, chemistry, materials science, biology and medicine. More than a dozen such sources operate worldwide, and new sources are being built to deliver radiation that meets with the ever increasing sophistication and depth of new research. Even so, conventional accelerator techniques often cannot keep pace with new demands and, thus, new approaches continue to emerge. Many of recently developed and promising techniques rely on lasers to manipulate and rearrange the electron distribution in order to tailor the properties of the radiation. Additionally, new schemes are designed to enhance the performance of light sources through precision beam preparation including beam conditioning, laser heating, emittance exchange, and various laser-based diagnostics. All these developments taken together represent a new emerging concept in modern accelerators which is a subject of this seminar.

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Physics considerations for APS-U vacuum design

Beam-Gas Interactions

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March 8 Modeling rf Breakdown Jim Norem, Nano Synergy, Inc.
February 1 Channeling of Electrons and Positrons at SLAC Uli Wienands, PSC
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